Great Ocean Road Health staff plan for Summer

With pandemic information/regulations changing daily from the Department of Health and Human Services and the Commonwealth Government, Great Ocean Road Health staff understand the importance of having the COVID prevention, response and recovery plan ready to activate during our summer months. GORH assembled a COVID-19 Response team and appointed a COVID-19 project manager in March […]

A Bright Start to Spring in Lorne

Lorne’s community spirit blazed brightly on the first day of spring, as volunteers took to the streets gifting 10,000 locally grown and donated daffodils to homes and businesses alike. It wasn’t long before hundreds of overjoyed recipients took to social media posting daffodil photos and messages, thankful for the random act of kindness that meant […]

The Creeping Madness of Isolation

The door to my woodheap squeaked at my touch… “How did you know that I feel just like that too?” I asked with feeling, recalling that my none-too-well-oiled hip joints and knees had been daily voicing similar complaints as I have plodded, with the ever-shortening strides of age, in pursuit of Rosie and Yogi, my equally aged […]

Covid-19… how, where, and why progress is being made

While this article was first written by a Professor of Pharmacy from University of Toronto.  I have taken the liberty of editing and re-wording his work to better suit our local community.  I hope it will provide some Covid-19 insights… and some hope.  As this pandemic has progressed, so has its medical management. Although largely […]

Despair turns to joy: Walking the beach in an Easterly

Perhaps it was the slow, inexorable drift in intellectual capability that comes with age… perhaps it was the bright, inexorable rise in intellectual power that empowers each succeeding generation… perhaps I was distracted by a Border Terrier vs. Sulphur Crested Cockatoo battle at the balcony bird bath… perhaps it was pure carelessness… or perhaps he […]

Intersecting Innocences: Sunfish meets Flat Teddy

“Amazing, Grandad – it looks just like Flat Teddy”, exclaimed my 11-year old granddaughter in response to a photo of the sunfish that recently washed up onto the beach at Kennett River. Why… I thought to myself… had I failed to draw that most obvious of conclusions? After all, it wasn’t as if Flat Teddy […]

Lockdown – an art project in the time of COVID

The “Lockdown Exhibition”, is to be the first art exhibition to be held in the recently refurbished Lorne Community Connect Centre. Bob and Carol Sinclair retired to Lorne in 2013. Bob had a distinguished career as an architect, working with Daryl Jackson designing projects that include the County Court of Victoria, the Australian Chancery Complex […]

Maintaining perspective: bacteria, viruses and us.

The ever-increasing speed of mainstream communication and the uncontrolled social media environment where all and sundry can post opinions [informed or ill-informed] with impunity… both have magnified, not soothed, the public anxiety over ‘the next scourge’. And so it has become with COVID-19, the latest ‘existential’ threat. Fanned by three words absent from the lexicon […]

Groundwork: demolition to start at Stribling Reserve

You might have noticed a number of shipping containers in the main car park above the oval at Stribling Reserve. They contain the contents of the existing netball pavilion and the leisure centre. Over the next few weeks, you will see an increased level of activity as demolition of the existing sports pavilions commences. The […]