When the Committee for Lorne was established in September 2012, the executive team decided to produce a page in the Surf Coast Times as a means of keeping the community informed. The format was to be a main feature on a topical subject, a column written by our Chairman Ian Stewart, a profile of a member or couple in our Lorne community and an events calendar.

The first of these pages was published in December 2012 in time for the start of the summer season. The intent was to publish the page each week until just after Easter, 2013; about 4 months. Well, here we are nearly years on and the Committee for Lorne page in the Surf Coast Times is still being produced each week! Community feedback is that this sort of communication is important.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Surf Coast Times in publishing this page each week for us.

In addition to this weekly page in the Surf Coast Times, the Committee now sends a weekly email of news and current events to over 600 subscribers. If you would like to receive the weekly email, please fill in the "Newsletter Subscribe" on our homepage.

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