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Achieving Lorne's Aspirations


It is with a great sense of pride that the Executive of the Committee of Lorne (CfL) and I reflect upon what we have achieved in the past 2 years. Perhaps the greatest achievement is to deliver on a promise we made to the community of Lorne at the very start; that we would develop a Vision for how we saw our future. I have much pleasure in presenting to you Lorne’s first official visioning document by our community – Achieving Lorne’s Aspirations!

To many residents, our town has sat dormant for a generation and our population has slumped to 1047 as per the 2011 census. Without reference to any specific data, but having grown up with a permanent population of just under 1500 people, where fishing and timber were the backbone of the local economy, Lorne had a more vibrant year-round feel than it does today. A return to the population numbers of Lorne’s magic era of the 70’s and 80’s, is a goal we would all like to achieve.

It’s taken me just over 50 years for the “penny to drop” as to how I can best describe my passion and underlying love of the town where I was born. I was tagged with the title of the third baby born at the official Lorne Hospital and this town has been an integral part of my family for the past five generations. The township of Lorne has an overwhelming “sense of place” – a phrase that until the middle of this year was foreign to me, a statement that when researched, finally put my mind at ease – I said to myself – “this is Lorne”.

When the CfL was inaugurated in August 2012, we had a vision to tackle the challenges and opportunities for Lorne that were too important or too large for any single community group to successfully address on its own. The CfL is a community organisation that connects and unites a cross-section of the Lorne Ward’s leaders, businesses, community groups, residents and home owners to work together to ensure a sustainable future for the Lorne Ward: economically, environmentally and socially...

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To read the 'Achieving Lorne's Aspirations' document in full, please feel free to download the PDF document below.

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