Hannah KEANE

Hannah lives in Melbourne but her family has a holiday house near the Lorne netball courts. From her regular exposure to the game at an early age, grew the passion she has for it today. Only in year nine, she has already experienced considerable success as a member of winning teams, most recently in the […]

Robin and John CHAMBERS

“The last time I died was two years ago,” John tells me casually and goes on to describe the life-saving qualities of having his own inserted defibrillator. The last eleven years have been a challenge for him with heart issues but worse is the frustration of having to curtail his passion for participating in active […]

Kevin and Suzanne DIVINY

Three years ago, the Diviny’s moved permanently to Lorne. Both had spent camping holidays here when they were young but without knowing each other. Years after, when Suzanne’s parents bought an oceanfront block and built a beach house, their Lorne holidays continued. The house was lost in the ’83 fires but quickly rebuilt in time […]

John and Tess COSTELLOE

John joined the Police Force at age 19 after unsuccessfully applying to be a cadet patrol officer in NT. “It was just as well because I couldn’t ride a horse anyway!” His career of 30 years was served in Melbourne and Bendigo. Tess, a graduate of Bendigo and Melbourne Teachers College, enjoyed a long teaching […]

Colin and Moira STYLES

At school, Colin thought about becoming an astronomer. When the time came to decide on his future, he chose medicine instead and specialised in radiology. Most of his career has been in Melbourne except for a year in Papua New Guinea, two years in Canada and 16 years in Geelong. He is a strong believer […]

Paula and Wayne JUDSON

Paula’s mother’s grandfather was artist, Frederick Straw. He regularly stayed with the Mountjoys at Erskine House and painted the area around Lorne. A little further down from Erskine Falls, are some smaller falls named after him – Straw Falls. When Paula was 18, her parents bought a house in Lorne. She and her three sisters […]


Some people encounter a teacher during their education who makes a significant difference to their life. Anna came across the author and scholar Tracey Banivanua Mar who taught ‘Aboriginal and Pacific Islander Histories’, an Arts Degree subject at Melbourne University. “She profoundly transformed the way I saw the world and myself in it.” Anna’s family […]

Peggy and Ray SELLARS

Every winter, Peggy and Ray escape to France to visit their son and his family. He is a Global Director of an Advertising Company based in Paris. They love travel anyway and take these opportunities to tour Europe or go on various cruises, usually with friends or family. The Sellars were born and educated in […]


“We love walking on the beach with our two enthusiastic border collies and have come to know everyone with dogs who walk there. We even know their dogs’ names.” Ian has lived in various parts of Victoria and says he is still a country boy at heart. Ian and his wife, Anne, have been holidaying […]


“I really love chilli plants and grow so many I end up giving lots away. I have had a market stall now and again.” Tim can’t explain this unusual passion and has even named his beautiful dog, ‘Chilli’. He enjoys food and cooking and Megan agrees he does 80% of it at their house. It […]