Lesley met Clive at a wine and cheese tasting night in 1980. After marrying and having two children they left for overseas where they lived for 23 years. First in Singapore, then Auckland, back to Singapore, home to Australia for three years, then to Hong Kong before a posting in Jakarta followed by yet another […]

Peter and Anne MITCHELL

Oh how we love to hear of immigrants from the “dark side”. Anne and Peter made the switch to Lorne after years of holidays on “the other side” and extensive research for the ideal coastal retreat. They did know about us because they had stayed with friends here over the years and had even thought […]


Whether you are a member or not, you couldn’t help but have noticed the tall, handsome, bronze barista making coffee on the deck of the Aquatic Club over summer. Jason not only makes great coffee but delivers it with lashings of cheer, indicative of his zest for living . The coffee cart, his latest venture […]


It just happened to be Clean Up Australia Day when I met Keith leaving the water from a dive to remove rubbish under the pier. He has been diving for 45 years racking up over 2,000 dives around the world. “By far the greatest experience was in The Galapagos Islands.” Clearly he loves travel having […]


In 1970 Marianne’s father bought a bush block at Cathedral Rock, built a weekend house and a tennis court. Without electricity and only hand pumped water Marianne’s family enjoyed holidaying in a natural environment until after the ’83 fires when it was rebuilt with modern conveniences. Marianne grew up in Melbourne in an extended family […]


Even though most people associate Don with real estate, it wasn’t ever his intention to have it as a career. It came about from being in the right place at the right time – but by accident. It’s a long story but it began with him running the Saturday lobster spinning wheel for the Lions […]

Mary and Tim FARLEY

Tim bought into Geelong Toyota and Mercedes in 1991. “I’d never run a car business and it was like walking on egg shells at first.” But as Geelong recovered from the Pyramid collapse, the business grew. Both from central Victoria and having been sent to boarding school Mary and Tim followed quite different paths. Before […]

Judith and John SMYTH

Not many of us can claim to be a member of an international body such as the Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians. John, a serious cricket buff from an early age (with an extensive library to prove it) played grade cricket in Hobart for three years while fulfilling the hospital commitment of his medical […]