Peter and Anne MITCHELL

Oh how we love to hear of immigrants from the “dark side”.

Anne and Peter made the switch to Lorne after years of holidays on “the other side” and extensive research for the ideal coastal retreat. They did know about us because they had stayed with friends here over the years and had even thought the house next door would suit them nicely. Guess what… it eventually came up for sale and eventually Anne and Peter bought it.

Both were born and educated in Melbourne. Anne had a career in fashion and Peter in Real Estate. They have two children and so far, one grandchild, all of whom happily come to visit. Anne and Peter share a passion for golf and paddle boarding. They love to travel particularly to Europe. Books, theatre and film are other interests.

For the five years they have been coming to Lorne they have been supporters of the Football Club, the Country Club and the Aquatic Club. When here, they walk to the Aquatic Club daily for a coffee. Their daughter was married in Lorne and had a memorable recovery breakfast there.

We love Lorne and its environment and we love the beach. This is our retreat“.