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Point Grey Precinct Plan


The Point Grey Precinct is situated on public land managed by Great Ocean Road Coast on the southern side of the Lorne township bounded by the Great Ocean Road on one side and the ocean on the other.

The Precinct is connected to the centre of Lorne by a walking track along the foreshore and is the starting point for the annual Lorne Pier to Pub swimming event.

The area is reserved for Protection of the Coastline and Public Purposes (#1983 – 3705) under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 and is located within Public Park and Recreation Zone under the Surf Coast Planning Scheme.

The precinct currently comprises a mix of community, recreational and commercial activities, including the pier, restaurant, Aquatic Club, boat launching, recreational and competition fishing, barbeque and recreation area, car parking, public toilets and open space.

The precinct boasts a range of economic, environmental, social and cultural values and opportunities. An integral part of the Lorne community, it is highly valued and used by locals, holiday makers and day visitors. It also contains significant Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultural heritage values.

Many of the current buildings on the site are ageing and there is scope for increased protection of the natural environment and cultural sites.

The winning design was by Searle x Waldron Architecture and Edwards Moore Projects (see Media Release MR Point Grey Design Competition Winner). Searle x Waldron Architecture and Edwards Moore Projects describe their design as:

"A sculptural roof hovers over a gathering of small, program specific, structures. The internal amenity is defined by the undulating form of the roof which rises and falls to create pockets of intimacy within a larger shell. The interstitial spaces themselves create the interior agenda. A sense of enclosure and exposure varies throughout the internal spaces. Visitors remain connected to the elements visually or tangibly cognizant of the passage of time, season, tide. The ground plane continues uninterrupted through the building. A generous sheltered external courtyard at the building entry accommodates a large communal wood fired oven. Envisioned as a gathering space for families, community and visitors it is an offering of a warm hearth and smoking chimney as a beacon of welcome and inclusivity throughout the year.

Independent and self contained the Lorne Angling and Aquatic Club is located in a building designed to be both independent yet connected, adopting a common language of materiality..."

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To read the 'Point Grey Precinct Plan' document in full, please feel free to download the PDF document below.

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